Not Studying Korean, Just Filling in the Blanks

Not Studying Korean

🎉April 20th Update) Paperback & extended version of this book is now available on Amazon. If you want more questions, grammar, and vocabulary, grab a paperback. If you want a shorter and cheaper version, get the e-book below 👇

Who is this book for?
Not Studying Korean, Just Filling in the Blanks is for people, especially K-Drama and K-Pop fans who have a basic to intermediate knowledge of Korean, but who want to speak or write more real-life Korean and test their skills.

What kind of Korean does the book teach?
This book teaches real-life and conversational Korean. It deals with some basic grammar and vocabulary about K-Drama, K-Pop and relationships including slangs.

How is this book organized?
There are two parts.
1. Warm-up
Part 1 deals with some basic grammars and vocabulary that will be helpful for solving ‘fill in the blank’ questions later.

2. Fill in the blanks
Part 2 contains 60 multiple choice ‘fill in the blank’ questions about K-Drama, K-Pop, and relationships. Writing down a word in a blank for each question is recommended. It’ll make a good writing practice. You can check correct answers with full sentences at the end of this book.

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  • You'll get one PDF file.
  • Size391 KB
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Not Studying Korean, Just Filling in the Blanks

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